Doctor Who series 14

 In classic doctor who fashion, we are treated to a brand new direction for our latest installation in the long running franchise. After four wonderful season of Jodie Whittaker, we have a brand new doctor in the form of the talented, Ncuti Gatwa from Sex Education and Masters Of The Air. Mcuti immediately emits an energy worthy of a Doctor the minute we are introduced to him. His charm is similar to that of David Tenant’s doctor that once got me interested in the series. 

One aspect of Ncuti’s doctor that is different is his wardrobe which has been famously changing over the years. His new outfit is a semi- formal overcoat that is both modern and stylish. 

Millie Gibson plays The Doctors companion, Ruby Sunday. She is such a joy to watch on screen as she brings such a positive and uplifting energy to the role. Her chemistry with The Doctor is so infectious right from the moment they meet and it only gets stronger with each episode. 

The family, friendly humor of Doctor Who is not for everyone but this new duo is a lot of fun and embody the spirit of what makes Doctor Who so special. If you have never watched Doctor Who before, do not fret, The new season is a great starting point that does not require you to have decades worth of Doctor Who knowledge in order to understand. It is a brand new starting point with brand new characters.

Catch the first episode of the new season this Friday April 10th on Disney +

Review by: Stefano Bove

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