Hit Man | Review by: Luke Elisio


It’s quite shocking that “Hit Man” is directed and co-written by veteran, big-time director, Richard Linklater. So much of this romantic-action-comedy presents much more like the work of a writer / director. The comedic elements of the movie feel half-hearted, the action is practically non-existent and the tone is all over the place. Then again, that shouldn’t be the most surprising considering that star Glen Powell is not only the co-producer of “Hit Man” but the co-screenwriter as well. Maybe that’s also why the movie begins and it feels like we in the audience are dropped in at the 25 minute mark. The opening of “Hit Man” is so slow, confused and not nearly as fun or as cool as the premise promised that had someone been watching this at home (“Hit Man” is scheduled for a Netflix release this summer, FYI), it wouldn’t be surprising if they turned it off before the first half hour. There are definitely some shortcomings when it comes to the plot and a large majority of the entertainment comes solely from seeing Powell dressed in increasingly wacky disguises, and yet “Hit Man” still manages to be an enjoyable movie overall. Powell leads the movie with effortless charisma even if the movie repeatedly tries to convince viewers that he’s a pathetic, unappealing, bird-watching, plant-watering philosophy professor. Seeing the different he takes to playing Gary and Ron, his alter-ego only solidify the loads of potential that Powell possesses when it comes to his talent. Finally,  big thank you has to go to supporting actors, Retta and Sanjay Rao, who are in a completely different and more hilarious movie. They’re in the riotous comedy “Hit Man” believes itself to be. 

Review by: Luke Elisio 

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