Unfrosted | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

 Pop Tarts are good and all, but have you ever had a Toaster Strudel? I went into Unfrosted expecting the equivalent of a bowl of Froot Loops - colourful, sweet and with absolutely no nutritional value. This movie was unfortunately more along the lines of a soggy bowl of stale Corn Flakes sitting in expired milk. 

I was caught a bit off guard with how far into spoof territory this movie ventures. I knew I wasn’t getting anything close to a straight biopic, but this is even sillier than I expected. The major issue is this is a spoof movie than strains itself trying to be funny, and most of the time it isn’t. It hurls punchlines at the audience so rapidly, hoping desperately that something will stick, like a standup comic bombing their set. To be fair, I did get a handful of decent laughs, but the ratio of failed to successful jokes is somewhere in the 10/1 ballpark.

The cast is absolutely stacked, which is one of Unfrosted’s only redeeming qualities. This is like the Oppenheimer of breakfast cereal movies with how many recognizable faces you’ll see. Seriously, I felt like the Leo meme pointing at my screen every time a familiar actor or comedian popped up. Even when the jokes were missing the mark, some of these actors’ presence was enough to make their time on screen worthwhile. The main players are hit or miss. Some are amusing, others are a bit grating, Jerry Seinfeld basically plays a corporate version of his character from Seinfeld, which should hit some nostalgic notes with fans of the iconic sitcom.

You can dig all you want through Unfrosted, but there’s no prize at the bottom of this box. Despite an abundance of comedic talent, the movie fumbles through a ton of lame jokes, failing to produce anything very funny at all. Whats the deal, Jerry?


Review by: Benjamin Garrett 

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