Hit Man | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

 Much like Glen Powell’s disguise donning character, Hit Man is something quite different that it initially lets on. Richard Linklater has given us a funny, sexy, thrilling and best of all surprising movie that maximizes on its stars’ chemistry to deliver a total crowd pleaser. 

If you haven’t watched the trailer for this movie - don’t. That’ll make for the best possible viewing experience. There are a handful of surprises that, if they’re able to catch you off guard, take this movie to the next level. I love it when a film takes a different path than I was expecting, and this one does exactly that. The entire first hour, while still very good, doesn’t have a ton of momentum. I found myself wondering where it was leading, but once the pieces fell into place, it all clicked. The time spent fleshing out the characters and strengthening their chemistry is crucial to how invested you’ll be in the second half. 

We’ve all pretended at some point in our lives. Whether it’s having to force a smile in a public facing job, or dropping your fifth “wow that’s crazy” listening to a story you don’t care about. I’m sure we’ve also all daydreamed about what our own lives might look like if they’d taken a different path. This movie does a really good job exploring those ideas. The idea of living vicariously through a personality that you fabricated, and how that might spiral out of control if taken too far. It’s one of the most entertaining elements at play, adding another interesting layer to the mix. 

Glen Powell continues his rise to leading man status with one of his most enjoyable performances to date. We all know he’s charming, and he brings that delightful charisma to the role, but he’s also able to flip between vulnerable, dorky, and smug at the drop of a hat. Adria Arjona sizzles in a performance that brings out her characters sexiest and most dangerously impulsive traits. The chemistry they share on screen doesn’t just send sparks flying - it’s a full five alarm fire. Another standout in a smaller supporting role, is Austin Amelio, who plays a pretty scummy character, but does so in the most entertaining of ways. 

Hit Man fires on all cylinders. Glen Powell and Adria Arjona set the screen on fire with their phenomenal chemistry, bringing the heat to a movie that perfectly balances humour, passion and thrills. Now, let me ask you, “who’s your hit man?” 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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