MaXXXine | Review by: Luke Elisio


“MaXXXine,” the final entry in Ti West’s “X” trilogy, is a stunning and fabulously terrifying sequel that serves as a fitting end to this fantastic series of movies. Like its predecessors, this electrifying third installment is expectedly horrifying and punctuated with equal parts effective scares and welcome comedic relief. This gripping story will have you on the edge of your seat as it takes you on a tour of 1980s-era Los Angeles. “MaXXXine” is al love letter to the sleaze and chaos you could only find at this exact time and place, and the widespread fear and Satanic Panic makes for a perfect backdrop for a movie that’s steeped in every type of sin imaginable. This last hurrah for West and star Mia Goth is certainly the most elaborate and flashiest of the movies. The way that West has been able to expand on the franchise with each entry, simultaneously staying true to the spirit of the films while adding a new layer to the overall story, is masterful. Equally as masterful is Goth’s starring performance as Maxine Minx. This is a character that you don’t want to mess with. Just ask any character in “MaXXXine” that’s on the receiving end of her wrath. Goth’s performance as both the title character and former antagonist Pearl has easily solidified her as a horror icon. Who else can stay they’ve played both a final girl AND a villain, doing both flawlessly? Goth is amazing in this movie, yet another example of her incredible range and dedication to any role she’s given. “MaXXXine” is a phenomenal finale to an already amazing series and for fans of what is sure to be the highlight of West and Goth’s careers, this latest entry can’t be missed.

Review by: Luke Elisio

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