The Acolyte Episode 1-4 Review


Three years ago Disney introduced us to a brand new era in Star Wars, The High Republic. This Era has seen a massive explosion in content spanning, books, comics and now the very first live action series, The Acolyte.  The first High Republic book titled, Light of The Jedi takes place two-hundred years before Episode 1 and the goal is to bridge that gap with content up to The Acolyte which takes place 100 years before Episode 1 and marks the end of The High Republic Era. 

The Acolyte begins in a time of peace within the galaxy, The Republic, and the Jedi Order. The Order is large, similar to the size in the prequel trilogy. It is an era of Jedi temples, academies and many Jedi. We  are introduced to many Jedi as they begin investigating the death of one of their own. This investigation takes us across the galaxy and introduces us to many brand new elements in the Star Wars universe yet to be seen in live action. 

One of my favorite elements about the Jedi in this series is their unique attire that helps create a bit of individuality compared to the Jedi attire in the prequel series. Jedi Master Sol is one of my favorite Jedi in the series so far. He is direct but compassionate at times and seems to be the most layered compared to many others. It is so great to see Carrie-Anne Moss as a Jedi Master and back in an action role. The fight choreography for her Jedi, Indara and many others is very well done. All of the fight screens are encounters are unique and display different force abilities as well. 

A few plot devices are a bit obvious in the first few episodes but there are also many twists and turns that make up for it along the way and make for some really unique storylines. After the first four episodes, a few Jedi still need some time to shine but hopefully they get some spotlight in the last half of the season. The use of practical effects is perfect and the fight choreography is absolutely stellar and original with its combinations of hand-to-hand combat and force abilities. The season has set up a lot of pieces and thankfully it is a contained story so far. It will be exciting to see how the season ends and ties all of these prices together.

The first two episodes of The Acolyte air today on Disney +


Review by: Stefano Bove

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